The Art of Usefulness

Successful design meets real human needs, from the home alarm systems keeping our nights safe to the library of podcasts enriching our morning commutes. With each new project and team that I join, I strive to be useful in the very same way—Hunting for the best collaboration tools, weeding out stale production processes and asking good questions until the hidden answers emerge.


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Credit Karma, San Francisco

Designing a new suite of product features gave users a deeper dive into the 'Why?' behind each score fluctuation, complete with tips on how to keep improving their financial health.



BioCentury, San Francisco

Upgrading BioCentury’s vast medical database for their highly-trained power users provided an abundance of fascinating UX challenges. The final design is intuitive and organized without sacrificing the sophistication and complexity required.



CreativeLive, San Francisco

As this wildly successful start-up’s very first design hire, I worked closely (and quickly) with the founders and CEO in all aspects of UX, visual design and branding across all media touch points.



Laqua Medical for DesignMind, San Francisco

This iPad app was created for sales managers and their team members to track inventory, monitor sales goals, schedule meetings and chat via DM, video or email. For demonstration purposes, a fictional pharmaceutical company, ‘Laqua,’ was created. Presenting this prototype helped our agency win a large healthcare client.



Logitech G-Series for DOJO, San Francisco

Art direction and user experience design for the launch of Logitech’s professional-grade gaming mice and keyboards.